About Us


Dr Rezaul Hamid, Founder and Managing Director, Mindcare Neuro-Psychiatry Research Centre, Mandia visited numerous foreign countries before establishing Mindcare Neuro-Psychiatry Research Centre, Mandia. Motivated by the first class care facilities and compassionate amenities for individuals suffering with addictions and other psychological disorders elsewhere around the world, Dr Hamid endeavoured to create a world class facility of equivalent international standard back at home. He did his MBBS from Silchar Medical College, Silchar, Assam in the year 2002. There after he did his post graduation in Psychiatry from Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh in 2006. He joined as M&HO-I at Barpeta Civil Hospital and launched Department of Psychiatry and served thousands of people suffering from addiction and mental illness. He has conducted mental health awareness programs in various remote locations of Barpeta district and created a conducive environment where people no more visits a quack for any mental illness. He organized 18th Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, Assam Chapter at Barpeta on 13th & 14th September 2008 and made his mark in the psychiatrist community in the state and the country. In the year 2011, he resigned from the government job and devoted his precious time to solve the hurdles in efficient and meaningful psychiatry practice where each and every patient is taken so personally and compassionately and achieving 100 % compliance to treatment. All the problems were solved with introduction of smart EMR software!

From the inception of his career, he felt the necessity of a EMR software for Psychiatry practice as these group of patients happens to be of less compliant to treatment and neglects medical records and thereby subjects the psychiatrists to take inadequate decision in long term care, as it is not possible to remember all the patients and also very troublesome in keeping hard copy data as it needs several staff, enormous paper works, space and time. All the hurdles now have been taken care of by introducing smart database software where a patient’s demographic data to all detailed of his illness, photo, video, prescription records, investigations etc are kept very meticulously in individual Ids. Addition of barcode system in various printed reports has made the system more precise. And now it has become possible to follow up the long term cases precisely and achieving the goal of complete back to normalcy.

Dr Hamid perceives psychiatric treatment from a different angle. According to him treatment means complete back to normalcy – indistinguishable from the mass. His patients suffering from dreaded mental illness like schizophrenia, addiction, bipolar illness are in medical science, engineering, and general line, other professional and academic lines. More than 500 of these groups of patients cleared TET and are enjoying productive life with meticulously maintained compliance with the help of computer managed appointment and review system.

Now Dr Hamid feels that the time has arrived to share his innovative ideas and broaden the horizon of his service dimensions to touch maximum people with his healing hands with the help of associated professional staffs.  Minimization of institutionalization period is his important area of research and successfully landed up with protocols that could minimize institutionalization days. Low cost treatment is his revolutionary innovation. With this, superior psychiatry treatment is made available to the bellow poverty line group of patients and giving them a meaningful life.